Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting quite busy over here, but wanted to post a little something . Here's a WIP of a character design I've been playing with between jobs. I'll try to update as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping in!


Deivison Carvalho said...

So amazing! the cloth is really well done! (as always) Congrats Scott!

EvilDM said...

Love the design - always a big fan of sci-fi tech.

But why does she look so 'meh'?

Scott Altmann said...

Deivison- thanks so much! hope all is well

EvilDM - thanks for the comments!
When you say she looks "meh" do you mean the drawing of her face, or her actual expression?
I was consciously trying to avoid the over-sexual or overly-tough expression and try something a bit more natural. Perhaps that's why she has that look ?

EvilDM said...

Oh, please, do not misunderstand my meaning - I meant that she looks fed up, bored. Personally, I am so cheesed-off with the constant overtly sexual representation of female characters both in illustration and gaming.

No, your image is brilliantly done, I just wondered why she looked so ... indifferent, especially when you look at her stance - almost as if she is too tired to give a s**t. Love it.

wren said...

I agree about brilliantly done. Her expression can be one of total indifference and I still find her irresistible due to that very feminine, form-fitting body armor! Very fine design.