Tuesday, May 31, 2011

odds & ends

edit: Stumbled across this page that has an almost complete catalogue of my World of Warcraft TCG / Blizzard Entertainment art : click
I'm not even sure that is all of them but it's pretty neat to see them all together like that.

warm-up head sketches from various ref

creature sketch....might pursue...might not? 

warmups from the sketchbook...some reffed...some cartoony stuff...just playing around 

a quick 2.5 life painting I did about a month ago
First time I did a life-painting on mylar...pretty cool surface



Tristan Alexander said...

Why did you paint on mylar?

Scott Altmann said...

Tristan - it's not an uncommon painting surface. It's completely archival and is surprisingly nice to paint on. William Whitaker and Sophie Joidon are some of many artists who use mylar frequently.

wren said...

The mylar piece is just mind-numbingly gorgeous. The way the cross texture of the under painting is preserved beneath the fields of color for the figure - wow! Don't know how much more you plan to do to it, but try to keep the balance that you achieved. The warm up pencil drawings are also great to see.

Jeremy Elder said...

I always learn something from your sketches. I also wouldn't want to run into that creature of yours. He creeps me out (in a good way).

Deivison Carvalho said...

OMG, Is it an other amazing creature coming?
Nice post and beautiful women's face!

Eric Braddock said...

You wild bastard. That mylar life painting is looking nice, I'm really into the cools you used for her. Lovin the sketchbook stuff too, of course ;) Did you watch Pan's Labyrinth recently? heh

Rich Pellegrino said...

the monsters are naturally "Altmann Creepy" and the painting is hands down awesome. i like all the cools in the flesh tones. le me watch over your should and see the magic happen? come on! pwwwease?