Friday, June 17, 2011

Some more progress on this character. Think I'll do at least more iteration of her and then move onto something else.
I wanted to thank all of you who have commented and gave me valuable crits. It is greatly appreciated - sincerely. Please always feel free to leave me your thoughts- I really value it!

Have a great weekend folks and thanks for stopping by!-


wren said...

This is a really interesting side by side study. The light area on the chest of the right figure empasizes the curviture of her form, but it looses the drama of the backlit figure on the left. the light illuminating the edges of her hips and arms is more powderful because the center of the figure is so dark. The larger shoulder plates on right hand figure also muddy the outline of the fugure and the original left figure reads as more feminine. Both still blow me away - these are must my toughts.

Lady Deirdre said...

I like the boots on the right figure more (they look more like boots and less like sandals).
Her bust seems rather solid/one-dimensional without the colour difference in her armour. Maybe it's also caused by the shadow-line being straight when I expect her breasts are anything but linear (and as a bigger-chested girl I must admit, she's got a bit more bust than a woman of that size would have).
If you shorten the arms ever so slightly she might look less tired.

Scott Altmann said...

Wren and Lady Deirdre-
Thank you guys so much for the constructive crits. I REALLY appreciate it and am going to consider many of the suggestions. I'm working on a 3rd iteration of this character design, but will try to make amends on the previous version as well. Learning a ton doing this exercise...almost wish I didn't have to do my other work so I could concentrate on this!
Cheers and thanks again!

Nigel Quarless said...

Scott! Hey man...I've been meaning to comment on these for days, man...sorry for the late reply. They are looking great! Love the form rendering and little details. Was going to start talking design with you and realized I was getting wordy so I'm taking it to email...

Carolyn said...

I agree with the critiques above, but I love what you have done with these characters--they are so cool. The character on the left has that bigger glove on her left hand, and I think it is cool to add variety, but I would maybe put something different on her right upper arm or something to balance it out--maybe a thicker band. I like lighting/variety of the left character's legs a lot. But both look awesome!

Scott Altmann said...

Nigel - Hey again bud :) Thanks again for all your help via email. I watched that documentary and I have the book on the wishlist. The documentary was really cool - made me rethink some things, and at the very least was motivated to think more about my designs. I'll definitely hit you back with an email soon!

Carolyn - Thanks so much for the crits. All good advice and things to consider. With all the comments and crits, I sort of feel like wrapping this character up and starting a new one from scratch, ya know? Kind of a clean slate :)
Thank you again!