Thursday, July 07, 2011

Website Crash - arrrgh!   A quick note about my website. It's being figured out now and it should all be back up shortly. If you want to check my work before then you can check it out here:
 CGhub page

Lots of new work coming - just under a bunch of NDAs, but I've been busy!
Thanks !-S.
a little 4th of July fun with a camera and sparklers


Eric Braddock said...

sweet picture, man! Hope you had a rad holiday :)

Can't wait to see the new stuff posted after NDAs clear!

Scott Altmann said...

thanks Eric! Yeah - it was really good. Hope yours was rad as well. I'll try to get some work up on here, cause the NDA's might take a while. Hope to see some new work from you too bud ; )

Rafael Sarmento said...

DAMN MAN, I didn't realized how late I was with your blog posts - you HAVE been busy dude!!! Hope you could fix that website bug, and man... you're SO pro. Look at these concepts, and the studies, and the paintngs!!! I'm definetly inspired, damn now I gotta draw after seeing all of this! ;^)
Thanks for the inspiration amigo (and for the huge support as usual), until soon!