Sunday, June 21, 2009

IlluxCon2 commission : "misaligned" or "Hey -it's a dress with faces on it!"

I was extremely excited and flattered when Pat Wilshire commissioned me to do some artwork for IlluXCon 2. . Very briefly, IlluxCon is the largest gathering of fantasy/ sci-fi illustrators that I know of. Gathering is a more appropriate term, since it feels way more intimate than a convention.

The best part for me about this commission, was I was given carte blanche with the image. I was tossing around a few ideas, and I decided to revisit this one idea that has been bothering me for years. I am not sure why - usually when creating personal work if something doesn't click in a relatively short time I just move on. Once in a while though ,I get obsessed and almost take it as a challenge, as if I am going to conquer this image and rid if from my brain forever. Truthfully - it feels great when I do that. I feel like I can move on to other things without the extra burden of incomplete ideas.

I'll post a few sketches I found...some of which are quite old. I probably couldn't even find all the sketches I did for this over the years, as I tossed probably half of them. Oddly enough , I was just doodling in a tiny moleskin, waiting for my son to finish his gymnastics class when I found the composition I was finally pleased with.

oil on linen
16"h x 26" w


digital sketch

old sketches

old sketch

I will definitely be posting about IlluXcon 2 when it gets a bit closer- it's worth checking out if you can.


jabraniho said...

beautiful work scott!
i love the idea of face dress.
cool stuff!!


Patrick j Jones said...

Great work Scott! I like the bottom sketch too.


s.prescott said...

That sketch is killer, too.

Jon McCoy said...

incredible piece mate.
love the wip's you post here too!

joverine said...

grats on the gig dude!
cool to see some of the process
and that purply pink sketch at the bottom is kickasss too

Eric Braddock said...

Dude.. first off, gratz on the gig! Secondly, this piece is siiiiiick! So good, man... So good. I LOVE the process shots you've been doing in these posts. And you posted the wipe out under painting for it too! You are a god among men, sir. :)

Daniel said...

Lovely :)

Scott Altmann said...

thanks so much people . Had a lot of fun on this one and I hope it shows.
Cheers all-s

Jeffrey Lai said...

ah thank you so much for the comment! sure is an honour *_*
(love all your work!)

Brian Lue Sang said...

Thanks for showing the work as it progressed! This is an incredible piece!

Don said...

Love the painting and the sketches, Scott. Cool stuff!

anthony t w myers said...

wow, amazing! really nice to see the process you take on your art!