Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Mysterious Mr. Spines : SONG

Penguin Group USA / Grossett & Dunlap

Completed this cover a while ago. This is the last book in The Mysterious Mr. Spines series by Jason Lethcoe.. This book gets a little darker and more intense, so the client wanted a red based cover to go with the blue and green.

It started off in oil, but I ran out of time so this is more digital than I usually would like to do for a cover.
More images coming shortly!



Julien alday said...

Man, I love it ! That's a great bunch of covers, with a solid unity and such a great mood ! You can be pround of you ! ^^

s.prescott said...

Damn these are nice.

Eric Braddock said...

Damn, dude.. gorgeous :)

Another great addition to the series, for sure. I'm loving these!

I really dig the digi sketches too, when you work in oils, how do you transfer your sketch to your board? Do you project it?

Scott Altmann said...

Julien- Thanks so much my friend. Good to hear from you -you've been quiet on the internets lately!

Steve- thanks man. You're nice !

Eric- Thanks buddy.
I almost always project. The digi sketches are more for placement and general feeling of the illustration. The drawing does change and get tweaked as I move onto the final.
I have experimented with painting over a digital printout too. The Flora Fyrdraaca cover (a few posts down ) was like that. Printed it out on 13" x 19" paper, sealed it to a board , and painted on top .

coralie lefort said...

it' beautiful