Saturday, December 22, 2007

Update to the previous post. Again, I apologize for the repeats, but some folks have seen this stuff, but I know others haven't since my posting habits are atrocious. Just something to hold this blog over until I get my act together a little bit more. In the process of doing a light renovation in the studio with pretty nonexistent results thus far. That's okay - I'd rather be making pictures anyway.

Have a great holiday everyone. A huge thanks to all those who stop by and check out what I'm doing and thanks to those who take the time to leave comments as well. I don't always respond, but I read everything with great gratitude. Cheers!

detail from the cover of "The Mall of Cthulhu", Night Shade Books

detail from the cover "Arthur & the Sword" , McGraw Hill, Silver Editions

an interior page from the "Arthur..." story. Extra room on top for type, but I like the open space, regardless.

the sketches for the "Cthulhu..." piece

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Julien alday said...

Hey, hottie ! ^^
Joyeux Noël à toi et ta famille.
Can you walk on feathers for the five next generations.