Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here are some jobs I finished up the last few months that I haven't posted here. Some of you have probably seen them, but I figured I should post something. I'll get details of the pics soon.

"The Mall of Cthulhu" cover for Night Shade Books

"Arthur and the Sword" cover for McGraw Hill / Silver Editions

World of Warcraft TCG , UpperDeck Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft TCG , UpperDeck Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment


Julien alday said...

Yup, I saw them allready... But it' still a pleasure to see these jewells, and see you updating your blog too. How's things ? Good ? Not too busy ? I'm sure you are doing great, you're a warrior.
Hope all is well buddy, wish you the best.

sfbc matthew said...

Scott. Love the 'Arthur and the Sword" piece. Nice feeling and well thought out with the seasons.

MBKKR said...

Wow... great stuff.
Nice work.

Simon said...

very cool stuff!
nice blog!

Cameron Snow said...

rad stuff scott, I'm in love with the colors in the first two pieces, sexy stuff.

James Paick said...

I think your work is amazing! I have seen your art before on the cards. Very inspirational work. How does one get into the world of card and book cover illustrations? I would love to know =)

Rich Pellegrino said...

jeez! scott I love those last two. i can't love the others any more. i love them too much.

your compositions were always good but i can see you pushing yourself with these new ones. are you still doing this all non ref? if you are I don't believe it. the lighting is amazing.

cheers bro!

have a good holiday
ya boiy,

dave said...

I hate the Scryer.

BUT I love the painting!

Not crits other then maybe seeing some of the flames starting to burn through the Aldor flag. You captured the look and haughtiness of the Blood Elves wonderfully!

Madking said...

The best part of waking up is Cthulhu in your cup!

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