Monday, November 05, 2007

Just a quick blog for now. I am the worst blogger I know. It just seems when I have a minute to spare, there are so many things that come before updating the blog. Even if it's checking out an artist's website or petting my cat's little head, I seem to leave the blogging at the very bottom of all tasks to be done. I will burn in blog hell for my sins.

Some older work that I've been seeing pop up on the internets. Kind of cool to see how your artwork is being used:

This first one is for UpperDeck's TCG Game / World of Warcraft (c) Blizzard Entertainment. This card was part of the sneak previews for the upcoming set.

This is an old design I did a few years ago for the Mutant Chronicles Miniature Game that is being released soon. My sketches were just in black and white. I'll have to dig back a little bit to find the drawing, but I will post that alongside the model for a comparison. Weird seeing work you did so long ago finally reach the surface.


Mike Dutton said...

"I will burn in blog hell for my sins." hahaha.

It's great to see an update Scott. That first piece just glows. I love that quality in your work. You're like the secondary light source whiz kid. May you burn in blogger hell, but sit on the righthand side of the light source god.

Julien alday said...

My church is open everyday in case you want repent from your sins. ;)
Hey Scott, that first pic is gold man ! I like the mood of it... I "kiffe" it like we said in France. Second picture is a bit "pixelised" on my screen, but I think it come from my computer. :( Ha, too bad.
And props on the toy, I'm sure this is a cool experience to see your drawings become a 3D object.

Glad to see beside all hardwork, you took the time to post. Hope all is well for you and your familly.

Tom Scholes said...

WOOP! You have got to show the full version of the second picture, you know I love that one! Ok, you probably didn't but you do now.

robin_chyo said...

very neat! getting a piece of my artwork turned into a sculpt is one of the things i'd love to have done some day. nice arts! need bigger jpgs! <333

Tom Kidd said...

No Scott, I'm the worst blogger ever -- I lost all momentum. I haven't even been able to visit my favorites till today. Sorry.

It's good to see the new art and the old. Let me know the next time you're in the city.

Francis Vallejo said...

updates are looking great man!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are collecting royalties. Now that they are crafting your art into merchandise, you should be careful with your contracts. You should put your brother-in-law to work.

Hope the Iliad reappears in the future; it was a magnificent piece. I want to see if I can get as a screensaver from Marvel.

So, can we see you in Dec? Love, Jenn

Rob Barrett said...

dude... uber.

I love that pumpkin painting... I think its my favorite of yours.