Monday, October 08, 2007

As you can guess by my lack of posting, it is still very busy but I think there might be some breathing room just in time for the holidays -starting Thanksgiving. I haven't had the chance to work on any personal stuff very much, but sneak in some time as warmups, or breaks or late at night.I have been playing with some ideas that I'd like to do as oil paintings eventually.

The first one is part 1 of a diptych I am planning. Unfortunately I have hardly any carpentry skills, so I am not sure how it will all turn out. It's nothing ambitious..just a little something. I have the other part roughed into my sketchbook, but I was too lazy to scan it. It's just scribbles at this point anyway.

This other piece is just something I have been picking away at here and there. Even if it's just 5 minutes I'll sneak in a few strokes or adjustments. I would love to do this piece or something similar as a large scale oil painting. There are so many ideas in my sketchbooks that I always said I would revisit and take further, yet I have barely gotten to any. One day.....

And just something I did awhile ago for fun and something different:
A sort of MS Paint program with very little to work with, but it was a good exercise in working within limits.


Julien alday said...

Boy-ho-boy !
Seems like today is update day for everybody. Scott, I dig those pics. But number 2 is just... Wow ! Great GREAT mood. I understand what do you mean about see it in larger scale... In fact, you have to paint it !!!
Love the "low-tech" one. I think you did fine with, I should try that one day.

Anonymous said...


OT inquiry: I am trying to subscribe to your blog, but when I add the RSS feed on firefox it stays void of any contents.

Is that a technical server-side problem or am I getting something wrong here?

Was struck by the beauty of your work and wanted to subscribe to it...^^

entdroid said...

Scotty I loooooooooove the second one!!! Great textures :)

Cameron Snow said...

Scott! Long time no see/converse/etc.
Shit your taking off like a rocket with your work. I haven't seen your stuff in a long while and now your all.... professional... and stuff now. Great to see.
I need to get back in touch with all the nyc people again. I've been in my own little world for way too long. I'll be checking back weekly dude.

shou' said...

Whoa. That is one hot environment piece. Great job~

Ramses said...

Great art work!