Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I got the OK to show this. Marvel Comics asked me to do a rush cover
for their Marvel Illustrated line. This specific one was for "The Iliad". The response
was very positive and complimentary, but after some board meetings and such they are choosing to go in a completely different direction with the books so my cover won't be used. Kinda bummed about it, but I suppose that's just part of our biz sometimes.

Still very busy, but I will try to break free and update with some detail shots later. Cheers-{s*a}


Mike Dutton said...

Their loss, Scott. :/

Great cover - really love the colors. Hopefully they'll find a use for it somewhere down the line, or for you in some other capacity.

Ramses said...

The character and structure looks great!

benjatoon studio said...

wow man! really love that painting! amaizing! benja

Julien alday said...

What Mike said !
My only advice will be to take a look at it after a few time, coming back with a fresh eye... Maybe then correct the minor imperfections ? But you have to add this one to your book. This is a great cover and I like to see how GREAT is your version of The Iliad !!! That style is perfect for sequential, you know ! ;)

Keep posting the magic, Scott !

marcobucci said...

great work man. Those figures are very well modeled. Nice play with colours going on too! Sorry to hear it got cut :(

Ryan Wood said...

Awesome stuff, love that lighting!

TURCIOS said...

perfecta ilustraciĆ³n!

shou' said...

Oooo. It really popped for me. As others have mentioned sorry for the loss, but it has a great feel to it.