Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I apologize for the long delay between posts, but it has been extremely busy with almost entirely all NDA work, which means I am very limited in what I can show without getting into legal issues.
Instead here is a group of warmups, sketches, and ideas that have been floating around the studio.
Many times before I start work I try and do a warmup-usually from my head, but you can see once in awhile I will take
some ref (the fighters below) and try to build up my visual vocabulary. Sometimes I warmup for 10 minutes, and other times I lose track of time and it's an hour later. Sometimes I will continue working on a warmup I started the day with and fiddle and pick at it later on in the evening. I find a huge deal of my growth stems from these warmups, so I have to remember to do them often. The only downside is I find I am not sketching in my sketchbook as much.

The last sketch was done in my sketchbook, however, at the San Diego Zoo this past July. Felt great just to
whip out the old ballpoint pen and draw these amazing animals. I need to do that sort of thing more often.

There's more where these came from:


Adam Ford said...

These turned out fantastic, love them! the back is uber cool!

Mike Dutton said...

Hey Scott,

Yeah, the edgework in that back study is awesome! It'd be great to see more of your wam-ups, but I think we'll all take whatever we can get when you have a chance to update.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. :)

Rich Pellegrino said...

Scotty my friend. these have great energy. I'm impressed by your balancing act of solidity and movement in the 8.27.07 sketch. solid work man.


Julien alday said...

I can not pick a favourite ! How it's possible ??? What kind of magic did you used in these studies ? Damn, Scott, that update worth the wait. I'm glad to see the hyppos sketch, bring me good memories !
Encore !

Ramses said...

Great sketches!

Ken said...

wow, fantastic. Love the boxers

Tom Scholes said...

Hey hey, hadn't seen the monstarrrr. Love it.

When are you going to make a book hrm hrm hrm?!

Leslie Sealey said...

Nice hippo! : )