Sunday, December 30, 2007

12.29.07 sketch

Nothing more than a silly sketch I did between work to loosen up and play around. Then I made my first attempt at a GIF. I was so proud of myself when it was done-not because of the image , but just because I finally made an animated GIF. Hopefully I'll get a little better at making these animated GIFs and eventually move up to making some decent videos of me struggling to create a solid image. It will be the romantic comedy drama of the century.

I should make a note, that this isn't the best representation of how I work. I usually don't have a strict method, although some things remain constant throughout all my work. This was more like playtime and a good way to experiment a bit.
I should have had a more profound blog to end 2007, so hopefully I'll be able to redeem myself early 2008. And on that note-Happy New Year -{s*a}-