Friday, February 16, 2007

Fantasy Flight Games has asked me to do a feature on my process of the cover for GRIMM. Check back as I update it!


Mike Dutton said...

Thoroughly enjoyable read, Scott. I can't wait to see the next installment!

Julien alday said...

Certainly one of the best [your best ?] illustration I saw from you, man. The mood of this picture is a delight. Superb, Scott !

Amanda said...

I'm so proud I threw up on myself when I read this...

Seriously dude... it's funny you even did a Sketch B. You obviously just wanted Skecth A...I've been there you realy work out the one you wnat and putz aroudn with the lesser.. still your lesser is better then my best anyday.. Good job Scott-o

Svetlana said...

Hello, Scott :). It was touching to feel your only magic and delicate charm in this sketch A. I'm really glad you went with this unusual perspective and receding tall walls and especially those shadows, they are the ones which create a special mood for me when I look. I feel nervous, restless, I would even say closed to or anxiety. You know when you are afraid without any conscious reason of every strange sound or motion.
I wonder in which color palette you will paint this piece but already in this sketch it feels very emotional and fine.
I feel this longing as I felt in your best paintings and drawings. Sort of delicate dream with sad aftertaste.
I'm so happy you are pouring this unique quality again in this piece, my dear artist with passionate but self disciplined strict heart. Go crazy on this one. It feels like a violin playing in dark old room in with strangely moving shadows.
I think it could be humorous too but this humor should be dubious and leave strange taste after second look. Like Grimm's fairy tales do.
I think they can drive some sensative person to a mental disorder.
I bet you will choose your favorite lilac, purple combination. I think some rich noble greens will be interesting too,
I'm confident this will be gorgious painting. Such a great communication already.
I really wish I saw this movie about how you grew up, what books influenced you, what movies and images shook your imagination.
Bye. All the best to you, Scott, Don't forget to kiss your little family, your cat including and of course all the noses on all paintings and in real life.

Amanda M. said...

I've uploaded a sketch of yours as a template for my blog about a month ago. I'm sorry I hadn't told you before. Well, just beside in the image there's a link to your website, and, of course, your name (I always credit the pics I "borrow" from the internet).

It is the blog whose name is "moscardo" in my profile. I think you won't be able to read it, as it's wirtten in portuguese, but I felt I should tell you about mine use of one work of yours.

Keep on drawing that way: you're great.

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