Monday, March 12, 2007

I believe I can show this now...I think :)
Here is the cover for the GRIMM game.

oil on linen * 34"w x 44"h
And a detail :

Felt great to work at a larger size again. I hope to do a few more big pieces soon.


Ana Banana said...

Hi Scott,

Noticed your blog from over at Dutton's and thought I'd stop in and say hello.

I really enjoyed reading the process for this painting and look forward to the final installment. It's nice to see that there are still some illustrator's out there who are painting the old-fashioned way -- large scale, and oil on canvas. I think computers are making artists very lazy these days...

Anyway, this piece is well done and I especially like the perspective. It gives the image a much more dynamic feel as compared to the other sketch. Nice composition and color use as well. Great job. Congratulations on your interview, by the way.



Mark Behm said...

Very cool. I like camera placement and the energy of the piece. Lots of movement.

Amanda said...

This is so beautiful....I love creepy pumpkin men...The blue looks so good against the orange--which is, like, hard as hell to do with out making it look like your trying to hard for contrast. Your so good!

marcobucci said...

Awesome illustration, and thanks for documenting your process! That was a very interesting read.

Julien alday said...

Scott, my friend, you never stop to amazed me ! Each illustrations you made is better than the previous one. You are crossing steps at an awesome rythm.

Marcos Mateu said...

Nice! Love the pumpkins fading away in the mist!

Ben Foster said...

You've already heard my one critpick on this, so I'll just tell you how much I love your paints. And if you keep it up, I'm going to EAT YOUR BRAIN!!! Mwuhahahaha

designboot said...

Beautifull artwork!

Leslie Sealey said...
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Leslie Sealey said...

This is fantastic! What an ambitious painting, and it looks like you pulled it off with ease. ; - )

Tom Kidd said...

Love that especially evil and wrinkly smile on the jack-o'-lantern in the foreground -- a delightfully ghastly painting overall. Nice dramatic composition too.

Adam Ford said...

Oooh I really like those colors you have going on!!! Very cool!

Scott Altmann said...

Thanks so much everyone- My internet activity goes in waves. I'll be posting everywhere, everyday and then I'll just lurk and roam for a while. I'm quirky like that I suppose :)

As for completing PT. III of the process I'm not sure when I'll get to that. It seems I have a lot of deadlines coming up!

ana banana - Thanks so much for stopping in here. It gave me a chance to check out what you do and that is really fantastic.

If I had endless time and money I would probably choose to do almost all my work traditionally and large at that. Sometimes the variables just don't work out for you, and digital makes the most sense. Just a personal point opinion of course.

mark behm -thank you. This might be my first painting using 3-point perspective, so I enjoyed that challenge.

amanda- Awww shucks. Too nice my dear...too nice :)

marcobucci- Thanks! I was worried my writing would be very boring, but I am really glad you found it interesting.

julien - thank you brother. As for taking big steps I would say the exact same thing for you.

marcos - thank you! I felt I should have pushed the atmosphere more, but the client wanted more definition in that corner. No biggie :)

ben - thanks brotherman - Eat away! As long as you dress up like an 8th level sorcerer I have no problem with that.

designboot- thank you!

leslie -Thank you. With ease...well, I still see many flaws with it. I did do alot of preparatory sketches for this, and I do believe that helped move things along.

tom kidd - Thank you sir. You might like to know I opened my copy of Kiddography to check out how you approached larger, more involved compositions. By comparison , this is quite tame ;)

adam ford -thank you! I wasn't sure how these colors would take. A bit of a departure from my other color schemes. I hope others agree with you!

joe suitor said...

these are great, love the lighting

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Amazing work !! Love the lighting on this !!

THE Incredible Andy said...

THIS is my favorite thing you've done, Scott. Love them horsies.

Ramses said...

Hey Scott, this is my favorite paintig from your blog, I love the halloween!