Sunday, December 17, 2006

There is a brief interview with me that I was asked to do a couple of weeks ago on this
blog, if anyone is interested. Just thought I would fill the void in posts here, with something :)
Happy Holidays everyone!


VASS said...

Disculpa, no se inglés, pero tu trabajo me gusto mucho, está genial..

Tom Kidd said...

For the last few days I've been cooped up. I've come out of my hole today to look around.

People on the internet don't always seem real to me. My caveman brain doesn't fully understand things in the abstract. The interview was a nice way to get to know you better.

Scott Altmann said...

Thank you (and gracias ;) )

- I always feel I am the most boring person in the world whenever I re-read an interview with myself. I really clam up- I wish I could be more open and let it all pour out. I guess it's just not my style. Thanks for reading!

Svetlana said...

Hello, my favorite artist. Hope you are doing great. It was fun to recognize your manner to talk and express thoughts in this article. You have been honest :). But extremely hard on yourself. That's Scott I know, I think.

Julien alday said...

Bonjour, Scott.
I wish you a "Bonne Année" to you and your familly.
Can you walk on feathers for the five next generations.
Puissance & Gloire.