Monday, January 01, 2007

Still swamped with deadlines and work for the rest of January, but I thought I should update a little today.
Here are just some random pages I did here and there. I should have some more substantial work to show you folks
shortly. Happy New Year!


Julien alday said...

An update, yay !
Love it all. My preference for number two, for some reasons. Thanks for drop your words, it's a pleasure and I will check this guy music soon... Because as said previously, I'm sure you are a tasteful man. ;)
Again: I wish you a "Bonne Année".
See ya soon and good luck with your job !

Ryan Wood said...

Great sketches, man! Happy New Year to ya!

marcobucci said...

Nice stuff. Good control with pencils! Happy new year.

Mike Dutton said...

Happy New Year Scott! Man, I love that last sketch, especially the face on that faun/elf type on the bottom left. Glad to see some new stuff!


p.s. After laughin' at me on Julien's page, my new goal in life is to illustrate a children's book so good that it's sure to make you cry. :P

Alina Chau said...

Wonderful drawings!! Coolio creatures!

Amanda said...

hehehe...Mr. N. looks funny all sleepy like.

Glad to see your working again. You'll be glad to know, I'm gonna quit my job, and go back to persuing my own art.

WAHOO!! We shoudl set up some paintings together again.

bk said...

great new batch of sketches, Scott!

The last page, in particular, really grabs me in composition, content and execution.

Scott Altmann said...

Julien- thank you sir! I should learn some French to impress you with...I did see some Jean Pierre Jeunet films- does that count? :P

ryan- thank you sir- been loving what you do over on woodyart

marco- ahh...thank you but my pencils pale in comparison to what your abilities.

Mike- Haa- you caught me laughing did ya!? It's only because I'm not man enough to display my emotions. I'm all surface- no internal I am going to cry :(

alina -thank you!

amanda- you crazy! Yeah- I also started painting with Steve Gache every once in a while. He recently took it up and he's catching on super fast!

brandon- thanks man! These are pretty rough pages, without much attention to ...well, anything! Just having fun , but I shouldn't be SO relaxed when I draw. I see alot of sloppy errors and avoidable things, but I am having fun. I should have more junk to show soon!

Julien alday said...

Hahaha ! Jean-Pierre Jeunet ? Yeah, Scott: sure that's count !!! :D You know, I really love american accent. You guys [and girls] are just too cute when you speack French [except Jody Foster, who speacks French better than most of the French girls]. But you allready impress me with your art, dude.

LDahl said...

Wow I love these sketches, my favorites are the first monster and this last page....super stuff!

Maxetormer said...

WOW, I didn't knew about this place
the last page you posted its superb!!

designboot said...

I like those sketches :)