Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello* Well, it's been a crazy month, and will probably continue that way until February.
I think I did a total of 16 images this month- which I do not recommend to anyone. It was a great
learning experience though. Taking on that much work, I now know a bit more about how much I can
take on and maintain a consistent quality throughout, and how to better pace and spread out my workload.
Some of the work I don't think I'll ever show because I loathe it, but I'll try to be open and share as much as possible.
Here are some recent pieces I did for Fantasy Flight Games this month. I stuck to making these all digital for speed
purposes. In the next few days I will have even more images and news for all you lovely people. Cheers.

Yes-this guy does have a blue beard and hair. In fact, pretty much everything about his clothing and appearance was given to me by the art directors.


Julien alday said...

An update, yay ! Hoora !
I will kill for have a print of the first picture... This one is my favorite of the entire bunch ! Bien joué, Scott ! Geez... 16 pics in a month ?!? You are a machine, respect.

Mike Dutton said...

Jeez, without a day off that's still roughly a finished illustration in less than every two days. You're insane man! No wonder we haven't seen you around. hehe. Hopefully February is easier on you.
These are great, Scott, though I won't hold it against you for editing the showcase.... if the rest are anywhere near these though, you better cough'm up!

Rich Pellegrino said...

my friend. i have to say. you are CRAZY! damn 16 images? how do you have so much time to rock out in one month. I suspect foul play. have you been paying the art troll to do your work? You know how much I love these man. I can't wait to see the next batch.

Sergio said...

these look great, glad to see youre knee-deep in work, better than the opposite..

Scott Altmann said...

Julien- thank you my french friend! I think a print trade is in our future!

mike- You pretty much nailed it. I would take about a day or 1 day and 1/2 on alot of this work. That's not including the 2 oil paintings I did later, which took more. But now I know what I am capable of , and I cannot maintain that quality throughout.

rich - Haaa. .well, it was a bit too much. Some of the images are very rushed. I won't do it again. Oddly enough, it wasn't that I was stuggling against. OK - it was time...but also the fact that I was working so intensely for an extended period of time, I began to exhaust my brain and focus.

sergio- Thank you sir! The workload was brought upon by myself- I need to say no sometimes, but you are right. Better to be overloaded than underworked (..that'll be in a few months :( )

Tom Kidd said...

This is a nifty bunch of new paintings. Congratulations on that. All this work makes me feel quite lazy. Deadlines can be exhilarating but they can cause burnout. My cure for that is to sit in a quiet dark room for a day or two doing nothing. It can freak out the people you live with though.

I swear that going digital, in most cases, actually slows me down. One day I hope to learn it well enough that I can do it speedily.

Ryan Wood said...

Great stuff Scott! You're a paintin' machine. I really like the color on these ones. Thanks for sharin'!

Roc said...

these are outstanding! i love the expression on the 1st dude's face. great work

marcobucci said...

wow, this is excellent work! Nice compositions and storytelling. Great colour too!

Irene Gallo said...

Great work, Scott! Particularly the first and third.

Shawn Escott said...

Great paintings Scott!