Monday, December 11, 2006

First off, I just wanted to say a big collective "Thank you!" to all the nice people who take the time to visit this silly little blog and to comment. I have been introduced to so many amazing new talents that I never heard of just through this blog alone. I'll be sure to mention some great artists that I think you should check out in the future.

This might be the last post for a little while. Deadlines and holidays and a son with a cold is a wonderful recipe for stress attacks and time restrictions. Sadly, I will have to cut blogging out for just a bit :)

So this two pages are pretty random. We got some quick life sketches of my son running around, a red faced guy in acrylic and then something else or other happening here and there.
Till next time amigos and amigas:)


S.D. said...

Thanks for sharing your art too!Hope you'll come back soon :)
Cheer up!

(charming sketches! :) )

Mike Dutton said...

Hope it isn't too long of a break man. Take care of business and hurry on back!

Tom said...

Great couple of sketchbook pages. I can't quite make out what the lady is holding in her hands. Maybe you intend to intrigue. It's great composition. This is my first chance to try out my new face. I hope it shows up correctly.

LauraBraga said...

Hi Scott!
Great sketches!!!



Julien alday said...

I want say "thank you" to you too, Scott... For the picture and for always take the time to drop a line on my blog. As Mike said, I hope your breack will be not too long.
Take care, man !

Amanda said...


Dude, Dont stop for to long. I love seeing all the atuff your wokring on.

lil' sis McGee

Mark Montague said...

Great sketches Scott.I hope to see more stuff in the future when you have more time.

Scott Altmann said...

Thanks guys! I give virtual hugs to all of you *hugs*
Amanda gets a real hug cause, ..well she's my little sister!

Tom - caught me big time. It's just a little weird creature, but it's a bad design and shape, and should be more readable :( I'll should have caught that before I called the sketch 'done'.

Thanks everyone-Happy Holidays!

Jose Darias said...

Good work Scott , is simply but awesome , i hope get back over her again

marcobucci said...

against the pencil sketches, that colour one pops right off the page!