Sunday, November 04, 2012

Storm Entry

Hope everyone who got hit with Sandy managed okay and is doing well now.

Just going to post a few random things that have been sitting around the HD. I tend to get either too busy or distracted (or lazy) and forget to post all the little doodles and scribblings I do on a daily basis. These don't include all the other traditional media scribbles I tend to do ...and am too lazy to scan. I'll try to be better about this in 2013. Gotta get it together already.

today's Sunday sketch session

just a quickie

This next batch of sketches were done using ProCreate- my favorite sketching app for the iPad. Going to look into getting  a pressure-sensitive stylus soon. 

Did this interior b/w art for ABDO / Magic Wagon Pub. using ProCreate as well.

These are some screenshots when I was tinkering with 3D a bit more. I haven't had a chance to pursue it lately, but I'm itching to get back into it...learn more and improve. It's pretty fun. Top image is Sculptris while the others are Zbrush.

Lastly, every now and then I get a moment to tinker with some noise making. Feel free to DL at will if you like :

Be well everyone- S.

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