Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Neglected blog

Been tough finding time to update - but here's a quick one just to keep things new in here :

Here's a cover I did for the Adventures in Extreme Reading Series, by Jan Fields published by ABDO/ Magic Wagon Publishing.

Thanks! -S.


***** said...

I like your decision concerning the position of the characters. A tilted camera may round up your composition and add more drama. great work!



Scott Altmann said...

Thanks so much Peter- I agree about the tilted camera. I believe even in one of the sketches I had more of a tilt, but the clients wanted the wraparound cover to read more "dead on" for the front .

Good luck with your kickstarter- big fan of your work and I really hope you can get that project going -I did my best to contribute, and wish I could do more.