Sunday, June 10, 2012

Enviro Studies

Was looking through old stuff on the HD and found some enviro studies  / classwork I did about a year ago.  I took an environment class with James Paick , who along with being a terrific artist was also a great teacher. These were done through the CGMW - and I do hope to take more classes. It's not cheap, but totally worth it from my experience.

Environments, and perspective have always been a weak spot of mine, but I did find improvements since this class. Just need to keep working on it.


wren said...

Wow, if environments are your weak spot, what hope is there for the rest of us? These studies are very grand and mysterious. The top two in particular.

Nigel Quarless said...

Some hidden gems! These are great, buddy!

Eric Wilkerson said...

Nice compositions and Atmo in these Scott. Dude you gotta post that sweet enviro you were working on the other day.

Scott Altmann said...

wren- thanks man! I don't know- every time I think I make improvements I am constantly humbled by a different artist each day. No shortage of inspiration these days!

Nigel- thanks mi amigo! I am trying :) Picking up your print from the framers this week ;)

Eric- Thanks dude! Yeah man - I think I will post that soon. Maybe tweak here and there- but I feel like starting a new one.

rodrigoart said...

love those top two especially, the one with the horse is sweet too, they read so well. I can see how valuable this stuff would be for sure. Lookin forward to seein some more