Sunday, May 27, 2012

let's dance


I started a tumblr - which will likely mirror what I post on my blog, but I may repost older work there to serve as an all-purpose place to host images. Here's the link :

I also update my Store with some originals. If there are any prints that you don't see listed in the store, please feel free to email me and I will likely be able to get it done.

For some images here are some two Young Adult book covers:

Following the Sword of Light cover, here is book #2: Lance of Truth by Katherine Roberts:

Also here is the first wraparound cover for a new series I am doing for ABDO / Magic Wagon
titled "Adventures in Extreme Reading: Hack Attack ". I'm only through Book 1 but I am really liking this series so far:


wren said...

You always create the most amazing atmosphere in your illustrations - so wicked. Really excited to see what you do for the other books in this series.

Scott Altmann said...

wren-ahh thanks so much man
I feel like I don't push the atmosphere enough so that's really nice to hear. Can't wait to see how your pages are coming... :)

rodrigoart said...

oh I my reply didn't go thru! Just wanted to drop in and say great work, especially the colour and lighting! Hope you're well man!

Jan said...

Oh, I'm the author of the Adventures in Extreme Reading series. I LOVE that cover.

Scott Altmann said...

rod! Thanks so much man -Been loving your new pieces I've been seeing..well...everywhere! Seems like things are moving great for you-well deserved. Talk soon my friend ;)

Jan -Thank you! It means a lot coming from the author. I am really enjoying working on this series. Maybe we could do a little spotlight / interview with you on the blog for the next cover (which I'm working on now) ?

Jan said...

Sounds lovely...and it's very exciting that you're working on the second cover. I loved writing that series so it's fun seeing it portrayed in such great art.