Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here are the first 2 covers in a series I have been doing the covers for Penguin Books, called "The Treasure Chest" by Ann Hood .
You might notice in the links there are slight changes to the cover art, from what was originally given for sales purposes. They were slight revisions , which is normal especially when publishers have high expectations for an author or book. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can show you the other two covers for this series.

Thanks for checking!

links to the books:
promo vid
Book 1
Book 2


Charles Santoso said...

Awesome as usual, Scott :) Hope your 2012 has been great so far. All the best.

Matthew said...

Nicely done Scott! Great mood, perspective and as usual detail.

Nigel Quarless said...

Hey SCott! Happy New Year! These look great, man. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

Deivison Carvalho said...

Hey Scott! Long time no see!

Man, I lost great things here, all the new works from you are amazing!
Thanks for sharing this, the both are fabulous and stunning! Have great colors choice and lights, once again!

Cheers for u and family! See u

Scott Altmann said...

Thanks so much guys! I re-read this post a few days after I made it and noticed all the ridiculous grammar and poor writing. I have been in turbo mode lately - so I apologize for the horrible English in this post. Need to slow it down a bit.
Thanks again for checking in amigos -you guys rock.

wren said...

You English is always forgivable, as long as you keep producing such awesome illustration. Stay in turbo mode.

Scott Altmann said...

Thanks so much wren! Yeah - I have another month similar to last, so I'll be trying to keep these flames ignited until I totally burn out of fuel. That's a ridiculously metaphorical way to just say until I get tired ;)

raoul said...

Fantastic atmosphere Scott, love them both!!