Sunday, February 19, 2012

Had the burn to do some creature sketching. This started out as just playing about with some custom brushes in Painter 12, and then improvising and riffing off those previous marks. I attached a GIF file that shows the process and decision making along the way. 

Thanks for checking in folks - hope to return with a new post soon.


Mark. K. aka - EvilDM said...

Excellent! Absolutely love the atmosphere this character images oozes. Keep up the great work!

Jeffrey Lai said...

Super cool!
Thanks for sharing the animated progress gif!
really interesting to see how it developed.
Esp at that start!

Anonymous said...


Stacy LeFevre said...

Great use of shape and form! I love how you were able to keep the texture in his face, almost looks like he's made out of space rock. The gif is awesome too, very insightful!

Steve Prescott said...

Oh man, that's excellent.

Scott Altmann said...

Mark-or EvilMark :)
Thanks so much- that is a high compliment!

Jeff- thanks bud! Yeah - I would agree that pulling the forms from the abstraction is the most interesting part. Talk to you soon amigo!

Drend- (*/\*)

Stacy - Thanks Stacy- glad you enjoyed the process GIF. Funny you mention space rock, because the custom brush I made was from a rock. Good eyes!

Steve! Ahh thanks so much. I was just mentioning your work to someone and the awesomeness of it. Hope all is well my most excellent excellency.

Charles Santoso said...

waoo.. really sweet, Scott.. unique design too! :D

Nigel Quarless said...

Very nice, Scott! Love the colours and how you've handled the texture. Nice lil' experiment!

Mark. K. aka - EvilDM said...

Scott, would you be interested in my tagging you on my blog site?

It is a means of getting wider exposure for your blog, but if you'd rather not, I will understand.

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6. Have fun!

All the best,

Mark aka EvilDM

Scott Altmann said...

Charles! Thanks so much buddy. I was just looking at your lovely book the other day. Glad you dig the design - I felt like I should have pushed it time I suppose! Hope all is well amigo and we'll catch up soon.

Nigel-My is life?! Thanks so much .. glad you dig my humble little image here. We'll have to catch up soon sir..been a bit ; )

Mark Evil :) - I'm not exactly sure how to do you have any examples? Maybe I'm too old to understand---is this what the kids are doing these days? : )
If it's something that I can squeeze in I will try.-S.

Mark. K. aka - EvilDM said...


This is the lady who tagged me, so look at her blog to give you an upshot of what to expect ;)

As for kids? Why, thank you sir, you've made a 47 yr old very happy :)

Here is the link to my blog, so you can check up on it over the next couple of days to see my list of questions - enjoy :)

Lucas Graciano said...

Nice Scott!!!

Eric Braddock said...

Loving how you applied the texture into this piece, man! Such a cool piece :) I love the colors and how that stuff from underneath shines through. You madman you.

Scott Altmann said...

Thanks so much man. Been loving your blog updates as well. Can't wait to see the latest pieces you've been cooking up!

Eric- Ahh the Braddock. What's up man ?
Thanks for the comment. Watchya been cooking' up ?

Eric Braddock said...

Scott- Been working on illustration/concept work for a SF based mobile game company since January, lots of NDA stuff but really fun stuff! Plus a whole lot of stuff with FFG and Paizo. I hope I can post soon, I've got tons of new work I can't show. :'(

wren said...

Awe inspiring - I wish I could come up with such great stuff by just puttering around with different brushes and textures. The early stages remind me of your mylar experiments.

Scott Altmann said...

Eric- that sounds great man! Seems like things are really moving for you and the gears of illustration or in turning nicely :) Can't wait to see what you've been cooking...when you are allowed of course ;)

Wren - thanks man! And I'm sure you COULD come up with some amazing stuff just swishing that watercolor around. Just think of it like staring into clouds and trying to see shapes...."that's a chop-choo train" ...or "I see a tiger! " - same kinda deal : )
About the mylar - you are dead on. That's exactly the mindset I (try to) get into

Manoj - Outsource eBook Publishing to India said...

Beautiful illustration!