Monday, February 21, 2011

More of an update than a new post. Here's another Dungeons & Dragon Fortune Card that got released:

everything owned and enforced with severe physical punishment by Wizards of the Coast : )


Mike Burns said...

Awesome piece! And I love your phrasing of "copyright"

Eric Braddock said...

Haha! I agree, great phrasing. What an awesome painting, man! I dig runes and things that glow, so you know this one wins me over pretty easily ;)

Chun Lo said...

That copyright phrase sums it up quite nicely :) Great work on these Fortune Cards! Also envious by how you follow through with your sketches
in your last post, gotta learn to do that instead changing my pieces all the time...companies kind of hate that haha XD

By the way how long does Wizards usually give you for these cards?

Dave Rapoza said...

Didn't know you were doin wizards stuff again :). Coool stuff, he looks like you, beautiful, kissable.

Scott Altmann said...

Mike- thanks dude! Slowly dropping off artwork here as it gets released. :)

Eric- haha- yeah I guess I you do have a things for glowy runes : ) thanks man. :)

Chun - haha - I do change things from the sketch, but of course for a client you have to give them a heads up if it is DRASTICALLY different. I find that if the changes make the image better, no one is likely going to complain : )

Wizards is super-professional and I would use the word "aware" when it comes to deadlines. They usually give about 3 weeks for sketch and 3-4 weeks from sketch to final. No reason to complain there.
Thanks for dropping in :)

Davissss- they asked me some time ago, and I thought "heck - I haven't done that type of work in a long time---shouldn't get too out of practice" -
yeah - he's like a beautiful version of the real Scott Trollmann

rodrigoart said...

Looks great man! Nice flesh tones and shapes, it's always hard to get the right parts to pop or recede.

good to hear they give you suitable deadline times!

Tiffany prothero said...

OOOOH! really lovely colors. Now THIS one looks like you, ;P

Scott Brundage said...

Scott, you really do look terrific in a flowy robe and breeches. Great stuff!