Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just got a package in the mail and since these two images have been released it should be okay to show them now. I'll show more when I can!

Done for Dungeons & Dragons -Fortune Cards. Copyright Wizards of the Coast


Charles Santoso said...

Woah.. awesome, sir. :D Always great to seeing the process images too.

Look forward to seeing your next post :D

ivanka k said...

Great stuff! Love the lighting in the first one ;). Ivana

Sthe said...

Bravo! ^__^

rodrigoart said...


Nice work as always man, some nice fleshtones happening on that dwarf magical ho!

really like the composition of the top one and how u handled that background.

Eric Braddock said...

Awesome new pieces, dude! I really dig that blue effect in the 2nd. You magician you. Thanks for adding the sketches :) Nice to see behind the curtain from time to time ;)

Scott Altmann said...

Charles - thanks so much buddy! Means a ton coming from a maestro like yourself ;)

ivanka- thanks so much!

Sthe- much thanks sir:)

rodzozini- haha- dwarf flesh was fun to paint. Actually- that reminds me, I might have another 'dwarf' I could post. Thanks for dropping in man - can't wait to see your next post :)

Eric- hey buddy- thanks so much. Yeah -I should try and share more progress shots if people are interested. Doing great work these days man -keep the flame burning :)

Tiffany prothero said...

These turned out nice Scott! I really like the second dwarf girl. If I remember what your wife looked like, she looks a lot like her. :D

zach graves said...

awesome pieces, I love the line drawings especially!

Scott Altmann said...

Thanks Tiff! Hahaa- well, even though my wifey doesn't resemble a dwarf, she is on the short side!

zach -thanks so much. To be honest, I prefer the sketches and drawings in several instances too!