Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is where I'll be : IlluXCon

Come say hello if you like. I'll be bringing prints, originals, little books, and a bit of a sniffle. Hmmm...maybe I'll be bringing tissues and Purell as well.

I guess this would fall under the category "fan art" although I hate that term. This is a copy done by Karen Rosenbusch of my Charlie Bone cover for her class. Pretty neat and I was quite honored someone would use my work as a learning tool.

Thanks! -S.


Mike Burns said...

See you there Scott!

Julien alday said...

Hey Scott !
Congrats for IlluXcon, even if I think you are allready familiar with that event, hehe ! I wish I could be there.

Congrats to Karen, she did a pretty good job, didn't she ? ;)

Hope all is well,

Charles Santoso said...

IlluXcon looks great. I always wish that I can attend one of these amazing conventions. Hopefully one day :)

Have fun and all the best!

Chanp said...

hope you have a good time at IlluXcon, looks like a great one.

btw saw your work in spectrum the other day - good stuff as always!

Eric Braddock said...

Aw! That's so flattering!

Suzana Poljak said...

So super-duper cool !!!!, Can you draw me in your super cool fantasy world too?