Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back from IlluXcon and as expected, it did not disappoint.  Thanks for all those who stopped by, the artists, and the Wilshires for leading the charge.

Although I haven't seen a physical copy yet, I believe this book I was asked to work on this summer is being released : BOOK
This was my first venture in doing a step-by-step book. I didn't have total control over the book process and content, but I learned a tremendous amount about making a step-by-step book. It is geared towards beginner artists and basic fundamentals, but I did try and cover more advanced techniques such as combining traditional and digital media.  Here's a sample of one of those :

oil/ digital mix

On another note, here's a personal experiment. A sort of self-portrait done on mylar. It's quite mixed, and if I try to remember everything I threw on there it was : ink, pencil, prismacolor, acrylic 

Thanks for dropping in - always greatly appreciated! -scott


Kan Muftic said...


rodrigoart said...

both pieces are great!
Love the effects on the mylar, i thought pencil would just slide right off? I really dig how you did the chair.
Some digi colours on that would be pretty cool.

congrats on the book, thats awesome news! best of luck with it, you selling any copies in aus?

Rob Rey said...

Good to see you, Scott! Congrats on the book!

Ryan Yee said...

Scottttt! Oh man, now I want to try out mylar, love both of these alot!

It was great to hang out with you this weekend. I'm looking forward to picking up your book!

Lepracauno said...

WOW!! amazing!

Julien alday said...

Like we say in France, I wish I was a little mouse and look how you made this awesome Self-Portrait. Love it, every inch of it [no, wait !].


Jeremy Elder said...

Scott, I just heard about your stolen portfolio. What a bummer!! Any new developments on that?

wren said...

Love your experimentation on the self portrait - really expressive and it has so much depth and energy. Did you work both sides of the mylar or just the front surface?


Scott Altmann said...

Khan - thanks dude :)

rod- thanks man! Yeah -I was surprised that the graphite was taking to the surface, but it did pretty well. I actually messed with some lo-res colors following your suggestion. I may try and do a larger version with the digi-color. Thanks for the extra push to do so!

Rob- or is it Bob ? ;) Great seeing you dude- work is more impressive all the time.

Ryan- Great seeing you too dude! Yeah -I am really excited to start working with mylar more. Just one of those surfaces I never really played with until now.

Lepracauno - many thanks!

Julien!- it was just chaos and me going nuts...trying to get into a zone. I just loved how I could be so spontaneous and intuitive with the mylar surface. All the best !

Jeremy - thanks for asking...but unfortunately nothing has come up. I've heard stories where stolen artwork appears months later, but I don't have my hopes up.

Wren- many thanks! And you are exactly right- part of the fun was working both sides and seeing how the effects appeared on either side. Pretty amazing how much abuse the mylar can take too!

Chanp said...

looks great scott, painting on mylar is fun, i've been doing some of that myself.

Charles Santoso said...

The personal experiment is definitely fun! really cool effect in the end, Scott. :D

and congrats on the book release! it's looking nice :D

Scott Altmann said...

Peter- Thanks man! I wanna see your mylar paints! Hope you share them soon : )

Charles - Glad you liked it sir! Thanks....I love not knowing what is going to happen and just following that intuition. I think I need it after so many illustration jobs where there is so much pre-planning , it's nice to just go with the flow sometimes.