Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Microvisions auction open


Direct link:

A post about the auction on Tor.com and The Art Department:


Tiffany prothero said...

Sweet Scott! Good to see you did a microvision. :D

Claudio Cerri said...

Amazing art, Scott!

Scott Altmann said...

Tiff-thanks! Kinda funny to have all these huge names then me! Donate, Vallejo, Berry, Foster, Kaluta, -me ?

Caludio - thank you very much!

3-G The Poet said...

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Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter,

rodrigoart said...

awww i really liked that portrait! hope it sells for a good amount for whoever the scholarship winner is!

hey man you should also make comments approval only so you don't get robots shitting all over the comments page, besides i think you have enough handbags or jewellery anyway, you big mangirl you, you really need to control your crazy coach handbag fetish :P

Scott Altmann said...

LOL Roddy! You had me cracking up. I just turned on comment moderation so hopefully that will help. btw - I read your Hi-Fructose article. Awesome and congrats!
and thanks on the painting comment :)