Friday, April 23, 2010

Kid's Stuff

Egmont UK
Charlie Bone
I'll post more of this series as I get the nod from the publisher.

Scholastic UK
this is for the UK release of Fablehaven. Started off as just a front image, but they decided things were looking good and wanted a full wrap.

Usborne UK
Time Train to the Blitz

An experiment with a palette knife :) Not exactly how I wanted it to come out, but I did experiment with some painting techniques and learned alot. I might work it up bigger now that I am more prepared.
Oil on 5" x 7" masonite panel


Carolyn said...

Awesome stuff, I love the colors you use in your pieces. The first one is my favorite I think. Its real creepy, I love it.

Scott Altmann said...

Whoa- that was fast Carolyn! Thank you very much for the comment. I actually was aiming for a lighter cover, but the publisher wanted something darker and more mature. I guess they were right!

Mike Dutton said...

Man, the UK's been good to you. :)

These look awesome, Scott.... you crazy bastard.

Jeremy Elder said...

Rock on Scott, nice stuff. It seems like the publishers never pick the best comp though...

Jeffrey Lai said...

the atmosphere in your work is soo good!
I like how the light makes my eye dance around the the composition!

NQ said...

Wow! Scott this stuff is unreal! Love the Charlie Bone and Fablehaven stuff. All these palettes are so nice... The sketches are cool to see too, and you know I think your microvision is sweet already...awesome work!

Ken said...

These are lovely! Ill look out for them on bookshelves :D

Scott Altmann said...

Mike- Hey man! Yeah I didn't even notice this was like the UK post! Thanks man:)

Jeremy - Thanks sir -yeah....I think for book covers they go with what is most 'book coverish' which to us artists might not as interesting.

Jeff- thanks man...that's a huge compliment

Nigel - Thanks man. You are rocking out with some work these days!

Ken - Thanks Ken! Yeah - let me know what you think when you see them :)

pao said...

nice man : O

Eric Braddock said...

Scott! You're killin it so far in 2010, man! I'm still waiting on NDAs meanwhile you're tossing up this stuff like it's candy ;) EYE candy! Man these look great, I love the wrap around, I'm glad they went with the full image, it's really sweet. These kinds of posts are my favorite, they're so involved, it's like I get to see inside your sketchbook. The YA stuff you do is some of my favorite of yours. Thanks for sharing!

Tim said...

Came out great man! Flying leaves (well flying anything) are damn difficult not to appear to seem too "one leaf here, and another one here, and another one, and over here another one"

Tiffany prothero said...

Scott!!!!! Awesome! I didn't know you did a Microvision. I really like seeing your process on your illustrations. The boy with the cat has such a great mood, I love it :D

Sara Outdoors said...

I love your work. (The girl eating the butterfly kinda creeps me out not gonna lie).

rodrigoart said...

It's great to see how you tackle the subjects and characters, as well as the vibe of the environments and everything. Really nice painting style you have going, and I love the softness of the Oil painting. It's quite hard to paint soft flesh on paper but you've done a really good job, particularly with the subdued tonal range. Can't wait to see more!

Jon McCoy said...

Great pieces mate! But I really love the charlie bone development sheet.

Scott Altmann said...

Thanks everyone -sorry for the late replies.

Eric- Thanks so much my friend! I hope those NDA's get cleared soon.Feel like it's been awhile since I've seen some new Braddock goodness :) But that's good- sounds like you have been busy!

Tim- thanks dude. Now that you mention it, I kinda feel they do look a bit stuck on in the final painting. Kinetic objects can be tough!

Tiffany- Hey girrrrl! :) Thanks deary dooo. Yeah- I did a Microvisions, SO WHAT?! Whatchya gonna do about it ? How do you like my confrontational reply? :) Okay seriously -thanks alot and I;m really glad you escaped from your fake mental institution :)

Sara- Thanks so much! Please believe me when I say I never intended for that piece to have any "gross" or "shock" factor at all. I honestly never gave the imagery a second thought, or even considered it slightly gross. I got that comment a few times, and mentioned it to my wife. " You didn't think that was gross, or some people would find it gross? " ,she asked. I really didn't !

rodrigo -Thanks man. With regards to the Microvision piece - that's exactly the look I was going for, and I think I might have overworked it and lost some that "softness" I was going for. For my personal work, I've been thinking more about a softer, more vague approach , and while I don't think I succeeded with this little image, I do hope it will get me closer the next time out.

Jon- Thanks mate! :) I think I like the sketches more than the finals too. Actually - that happens alot for me!

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Anonymous said...
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Rebekah Joy Plett said...

You're amazing. The way you use light is incredible. Can I borrow one of your hands to teach my hands what you do?

Scott Altmann said...

Haha- Thanks Rebekah! You should be expecting a hand in the mail shortly :)