Sunday, November 02, 2008

I believe I can show this new cover now. This is the second book in The Mysterious Mr. Spines series by the talented Jason Lethcoe.
I posted the image for the first book in the series, WINGS 
some time ago. The second book is called FLIGHT, and I think it is going to appeal to a lot of young readers. I believe they are expecting to release the first book early 2009.

Here are some of the sketches. The first book the team had a more definite idea of what they wanted on the cover, but for this one they really gave me a healthy amount of freedom to explore other ideas. I feel that extra elbow room made for a much stronger cover. 

I will be selling originals and prints at the upcoming IlluxCon.
November 6-9 in Altoona, Pennsylvania.
Check out the guest list - a great group of artists will be there. Should be fun!

oil on board, approx. 30" x 40" with digital embellishments and tweaks. 


Rob Rey said...

Wow, they ride boats, cats, and snail people in this book?!

Eric Orchard said...

Gorgeous cover! When I see you doing this kind of work I have to restrain myself from copying you. This is the kind of kid's book cover I love. Great characters, a world and beautiful design.

Koldo said...

This work is wonderful Scott. The kind of book cover that calls you're in the library and you can't do anything but buing it.
Good luck in Pennsylvania!

jabraniho said...

really nice work here!


Scott Altmann said...

Rob- Indeed! And when they sent me the manuscript, the book was unfinished. Who knows what else they ride?!

Eric - Thank you so much. I think we all influence each other, and I find I get just as much inspiration and ideas from my friends as I do from the artists I admire from afar.

koldo - Thank you! I hope you are right. That is really the main goal of a book cover. Of course, I try to be truthful and accurate to the book, but the impact of the image matters most. Thanks again.

jabraniho - Jung , thank you so much. One of these days I must find a way to sit in one of your classes. Cheers-s

Ken said...

This is a fantastic image! I love the colours, the design, the composition... superb

C.B. Canga said...

love the composition and color pallet. another awesome piece.

Julien alday said...

You trully amazing, Scott !
Even the roughs are gold. I really need to see how do you work, one day. I'm sure I will learn a lot from you ! ;)
Best to you and your familly.

pablo pablo said...

Great works!

Tom Kidd said...

This is exactly the sort of cover that would force me to buy the book. I'd have to know what all this was. The color sketches are great too.

Jared Shear said...

WOW....this is a cool piece. All three sketches were nice and would have made cool covers, but I think the one you went with was the best choice.

Emrah ELMASLI said...

Great stuff!

Francisco Martins said...

Incredibly stunning work, Scott! I'm amazed...congratulations dude, you have something really special going on inside your head! Thanks for sharing this unbelievably creative universe you live in with us!

Francisco Martins