Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here's a little sketch inspired by some terrific little sketches Tom Kidd has been doing of these "Helioderms" that you can check out his own blog called Kiddography . I just love the simple idea of these massive creatures floating like feathers in the clouds. If you aren't familiar with Tom's work, you should really check it out. I am often drawn to artists that are doing more than just executing good technique, but trying to communicate a world derived from within themselves. Tom Kidd has this ability to do that, and so does one of his influences, Winsor McCay. McCay has been an influence of mine as well, so it is interesting to see how another artist channels that into his own work.

This is just a simple little doodle of these giant turtles with spiderlegs (we'll call them SpiderTurtles) going to catch an early showing of 'Cats' on Broadway. Or about to destroy the city....who knows.


Ryan Wood said...

Great atmosphere on this sketch, the designs around the edges give it a nice storybook feel. Terrific work!

Julien alday said...

Hello, Scott.
This picture remember me the good old classics such as "War of the Worlds". The atmosphear is great, as Ryan said. Whatever is your goal with this picture, it countain all the elemnts for tell a story first... Wich is the more important for me. And thanks for Tom Kidd's link, I just discover his stuff and it rocks ! :) Thanks, Scott !

Scott Altmann said...

Ryan -thanks man! I thought I would 'pretty' up the harsh look of these scary creatures with some little ornamental work. Too bad I suck at such designs -gotta improve on that.

Julien - I totally noticed the War of the Worlds similarity as well. I've never read the book, or seen either movie, but I guess the imagery is so well known and powerful that it somehow leaked into this little sketch. Thanks for looking!
Yeah, that Tom Kidd guy is good! His book "Kiddography" is great too. I think you would really like it.