Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alla Prima June 2013

3 hour Alla Prima Life Painting. Oil on linen - 7" x 7 " ....I think.
Been some time since I got to do this. Hope I can keep this a regular thing.


Daniel said...

Thanks for sharing some knowledge sir scott :] Its cool to see how early you nailed the face. I feel like its something i have to battle for the whole process to get right. Very nice ! :]

And i love the characters in the previous post.
Keep it coming man!

Unknown said...

Thanks Daniel! I don't always nail it down so early- sometimes I have to sculpt it like a rough ball of clay- and just refine refine refine. I believe it was Richard Schmid who said your painting should look good at every stage...and I kind of agree with that. I try not to advance to the next step until everything is solid.

Thank you again man - I'll post more progress pics if you feel you can learn even the slightest bit from it.
Cheers amigo!