Thursday, June 28, 2012

From the Archives -a Hobbit

I was digging through the HD this evening and came across this image which I believe may be over 2 years old now. Quarto / Quintet Publishing had asked me to do an instructional for their book, so I have some of the steps saved. At the time they had planned for the instructional to coincide with the new Peter Jackson The Hobbit movies , but with all the director switches and  delays the book was completed much earlier.

Nothing too fancy here - I think I was definitely influenced by the skin tones of Haddon Sundblom , while creating this little guy.
Okay - hopefully next post I'll have something a bit more recent. Thanks for checking in -S.


rodrigoart said...

this is really cool, love his expression. Kinda reminds me of the velazquez painting of the dwarf in a way.

Scott Altmann said...

what the?! how did you comment so fast ? ! Nice skills man :)

Thanks - I kinda see the Velazquez resemblance -although Velazquez was like...all great and stuff :)

wren said...

Old stuff, new stuff, its all good. I am really liking the skin tones - I get a bit more El Greco.