Saturday, August 27, 2011

This is the 3rd book in the Ring of Five series, published by Random House and written by the great author Eoin McNamee .  Always a bittersweet feeling when I wrap up a series. It's great to have that completion , but many times you wish you could explore the worlds even more.

You'll notice there's a lot of empty space in this, which was part of the concept, but also because a great deal of it is the trim and bleed.  Thanks for checking in!

Random House - Knopf Delacorte


Spencer Goldade said...

Looking good, man! Loving some of the grittier thumbnails too. Really like the original pencil drawing, actually.

Deivison Carvalho said...

Damn! This is awesome, Scott!
I love the wings, remind me eagles wild. I love wings at human... and they have a great face expression

Jeffrey Lai said...

I love how you rendered the wings! I too also like the pencil sketch! Awesome work!

Eric Braddock said...

I love the tones and colors in this! man the subtle variations look super nice. Thanks for posting all the process shots, man! I love seeing this stuff. :)

Chris Rahn said...

Wow, great clouds.

Jeffrey Lai said...

oh for sure! (I admit I can be abit lazy when it comes to commenting too)
Oh! I was at SDCC this year, and I bumped into Daren and Dave (I think you usually hang out/display with them?) I was pretty much in awe of their whole booth.
(and forgot to take a photo with them ah!)
The one year I go and you're not there! haha
Woulda been cool to have met you in person!

Scott Altmann said...

spencer- thanks. Honestly I like the drawing more than the completed piece...but I find I like the grittier, rawer images than a slicker , polished piece.

Deivison -thanks so much! I've actually been fortunate to have a few jobs where I get to paint wings on stuff!

Jeffrey - thanks so much! Yeah -I definitely need to get back to SDCC- would have been great to meet up! THinking about coming back anytime soon Talk to you soon my friend : )

Eric- thanks man. Ya know -it was a little tough trying to stick to the original covers since I did those years ago. We are different artists even months apart, so working on something over a long period was a bit of a challenge.

Chris- glad you dig them sir. Had fun playing with those clouds :)

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

VERY nice !

great blog.

Matthew said...

Nice post. I always liked this series Scott. Great pencil sketch as well.

chibiwow said...

Fantastic! Love the creativity in here. Feels somewhat like a de javu from a dream. :D wow account for sale

Cos Koniotis said...

Lovely work Scott!

Tiffany prothero said...

Scotty, this is nice! i love the atmosphere, and colors!!! You are always great at those subtle shifts.
Keep it up! :) I hope all is well in your life.

Scott Altmann said...

Tyler- Thanks so much! Absolutely fell in love with your work. Remember me when you are a superstar character designer for all the major studios ;)

Matthew- Thanks so much sir! I actually like the pencil sketch more :)

chibiwow- thanks!!

Cos- Thank you maestro. Just trying to learn from masters as yourself!

Tiffany - Thank you man! Send you an email :)

Nigel Quarless said...

Scott - Brilliant wrap up for the series, man! I really love the palette and lighting - feels epic!
This must be a bitter sweet one for ya...



Charles Santoso said...

Hi Scott,
Love the colours and the mood of the cover. :) Thanks for posting the sketch options too. They're great :)