Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello -Here's another World of Warcraft TCG card that got released recently:

copyright Blizzard Entertainment

And some things going on:

"Attack of the Shark Headed Zombie" , by the talented Bill Doyle is now available to order : Amazon link
Along with the cover , there are 17 black and white interior illustrations I did for this book.

......and one more thing
Feels odd even putting this in here, but with close to 1,000 "friends" I figured some folks would be interested. I took down my regular Facebook page, but I am keeping a "fan" page.  Trying to streamline my life a bit, so it had to go. Here's the fan page.


Nigel Quarless said...

Very nice, Scott! Are we gonna get to see your interiors for Shark Headed Zombie??

Hope you're well, man!

Jeremy Elder said...

A shark-headed zombie? That must have been real fun to work on. The cover is excellent!

Deivison said...

hey scott, I've spoken that your colors are amazing, right?! right now, i'm w/ your lighting and shadows. congrats again ! good job

wren said...

Wonderful warcraft illustration. I wonder if some day, warcraft and wizards of the coast will get together to build a museum next to the National Gallery in DC, so they can permanently house all the wonderful work they have commissioned. There will of course be an Altman Wing.

Scott Altmann said...

nigel -thanks man! yeah - I guess I should post some interiors ;) Hope things are good for you too man. We'll catch up soon I'm sure: )

Jeremy - haha- thanks. Yeah - it was a great job.

Deivison - thank you so much. Always nice to hear from you.

wren - haha- WAY too kind, but I like your museum concept! Cheers and thanks again!