Friday, January 28, 2011

Another mylar experiment. Have a great weekend!
acrylic, prismacolor pencils, gesso on mylar


Federico Piatti said...

Duuude, I love how this one turned out! Did you masked those geometrical shapes? 'Cause I'm loving the stenciled effect you got there :D
Keep these mylar paintings coming, you're definitely on to something!!!

Scott Altmann said...

Thanks so much amigo . Yeah - I made a stencil, but it came apart after I pulled it off the painting. But it wasn't so hard to make, and I'll just have to think of ways to make them more permanent if I continue to use that sort of thing. Either way -I'm just having fun experimenting and loving it. Need some time to try something more ambitious - hopefully soon.. CHeers!

Eric Braddock said...

I've mentioned to you roughly 3 times so far how awesome these sketch/experimental/drawing posts of yours are. Just wanted to show the blog some love too. haha

I dig seeing this stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us, man.

Federico Piatti said...

I've been using a lot of stencils lately and haven't found a good material yet, masking tape is really prone to ruining the surface and masking fluid is cool for organic shapes but a bit of a pain to apply. We *just* bought a roll of frisket film which is transparent and super low tack, I'll let you know how that goes.

And absolutely, can't wait to see more ambitious stuff on this style :D

Jeremy Elder said...

This has a neat "slippery" look to it. I am guessing because of the mylar. Does this type of experimentation help you come up with new ways of doing things in your illustrations?

I am still drawing heads. Maybe another 10 pgs this week.

rodrigoart said...

beautiful work scotto, i love it! I really enjoy seeing people experiment in different directions too. Great work!!

Scott Altmann said...

Eric- I love your love : ) Thanks man. The support is greatly appreciated , especially when exploring unknown territory. In an odd way I feel more comfort going down this unknown path than I do with the commissioned work. Keep rocking with the new stuff sir and I'll be looking out for that big post of art you speak of.

Fedz- Yeah -same here with the masking / artist tape. I think I may have a book stashed away with some ideas. I'll definitely share if I come up with anything. Definitely let me know how your frisket film goes...and damn I wanna see what you are up to!

Jeremy - Thanks good sir! Yeah- mylar is quite like working on smooth masonite, but I also thinned the paint down quite a bit to get that look. It's good stuff.
And yeah - I always learn more from the personal work than I do the commissioned work. Even if it's not a technique, it could just be approach, or a new color combination you would never think of before.

10 pages !!! Man - that is ambitious - do it!

rod - thanks so much man. I think seeing guys like you and Luke (koppa) on GA pursue your own work has definitely given me that added push , ya know?

Charles Santoso said...

Beautiful stuff, Scott! Loving your experimental works. I need to push myself further with different mediums too :D

All the best!

Carolyn said...

I like this a lot, the colored squares that you put over her face are very interesting. I really like how you can see the brush strokes in them

Julien alday said...

Scott, my man,
you did a great job with that one, wow. Those blue squares bring a lot to it.
Respect !

wren said...

Yeah!!! More mylar work - and this one is a keeper. I see you are working with prisma color - but you might want to see if you like plastic lead. You will probably hate it at first, but you can get some wicked lines and textures with the stuff on Mylar. I also read earlier in the comments that you were using stencils. I had a friend that would cut the pieces of mylar and use the mylar film as a stencil. Really amazing.

Scott Altmann said...

Charles- many thanks!

Carolyn- thank you !

Julien -thank you sir. Still finding my way.

wren - Plastic lead, eh? I will definitely look into that.
Thanks for the mylar -stencil tip. I will definitely try that. I don't plan on making stencils an integral part of my personal work...but then I don't plan on much!
Thanks again!

Bruce Jensen said...

cool Scott!

now consider multilayering the mylar~

Rich Pellegrino said...

This is a really nice painting scootz. the drawing is stunning and the varied paint applications are repeatingly interesting. inspiring man!!

Scott Altmann said...

Bruce- many thanks! I have thought about multi-layering the mylar. I think your encouragement might be that last push I need!

Rich! Thanks my buddy. Definitely been inspired by your recent work. Right now when I'm not doing work, I'm just looking to have fun and experiment. I'm already getting ideas for more ambitious things!
Cheers amigo :)