Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's been exactly a month since my last post-yikes. Been extremely busy over here, but fortunately, some older works have been released that I can share. There will be more to come very soon-thank you for tolerating me : )

"Ice Maiden" by Salley Prue, published by Oxford University Press UK

These were the proposed sketches. The publisher liked them enough that I believe they are using them for interior art now.

"Ring of Five : The Unknown Spy" by Eoin McNamee , published by Random House
second book in this series


Charles Santoso said...

very cool, Scott! Thanks for sharing the process too. very nice to see.

All the best.


Brad Fallon said...

I love this - awesome art!

Mike Burns said...

I really love the Ring of Five piece, awesome work!

Jeffrey Lai said...

I also like to see your process,
the other proposed sketches are really cool too!
very nice sense of depth.

that ring of five piece is just epic!

Chanp said...

beautiful work, great lighting!

Niva said...

Like them both very much, thanks for posting the sketches too.

Scott Altmann said...

Charles - Wow- thank you so much for leaving a comment. As a fan of your work that means a lot to me. Thank you !

Brad- Thanks man!

Mike- Thanks Mike -great work happening on your blog sir!

Jeff -Thanks man . I'm on the fence about that piece, but that makes me happy that you like it. i felt I should have pushed the depth and atmospheric perspective way more -but you learn from your errors:)

Peter -Thanks so much! Means a lot coming from you .

Niva- Thank you very much!