Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Zombies , Dragons and Butterflies

The first image was done for Realms of Fantasy Magazine for a story called "Dragon" written by T D Edge. Fun job and Douglas Cohen at RoF was awesome to work with. Final image is one of my oil / digital hybrids .

This cover was done for Night Shade Books. The book is called "The Zombies of Lake Woebegotton" by Harrison Geiller which is a parody of the " Lake Wobegon" by Garrison Keillor. The goal was to have a really warm, friendly environment but with zombies roaming around. Definitely a fun job. All digital.

More Zombies! Here's another cover for Chris Grabenstein's book, "The Smoky Corridor." This was a wraparound cover published by Random House. Digital -<>-

Lastly, is a little drawing with some unlucky butterflies .
Ink, acrylic, pencil on Rives BFK.


Clo said...

Awesome Scott! The zombie kid cracks me up! :D Intriguing image that last sketch too, will you paint it?

Ryan Yee said...

Wow! lovely work as usual Scott. Really like the layout on the Smoky corridor cover. good mood!

Jessica McCourt said...

HA! I've always wondered what Lake Wobegon would look like zombified!
These are great Scott!!

mo said...

beautiful works again Scott! thanks for sharing!

MuYoung Kim said...

While I understand why the shambling zombie denizen comp. was used, I really, really wish you could have explored the Zombie fishing. Seriously, it tickles me in all the right (or in this case wrong?) places!

Lovely as always, good sir Altmann.


Eric Braddock said...

Holy damn, Scott! You are a working machine! I will have to retaliate soon enough ;) That dragon piece is really nice! I love the design of him. Did they give you specifics or were you able to come up with your own concept for him?

The zombie cover is spot on, too! I love the little guy there behind the main zombie, such an awesome cover, man! You're killin it :)

Chris Grabenstein said...

I'm a very lucky author to have such cool covers, The last school I visited, the kids went crazy when I showed them what the next book was going to look like.

Chris Rahn said...

Cripes! Great dragon, I really dig the texture.

C.R. MacTernan said...

Geeebus!! You are absolutely killin' it right now. You have totally leveled up duders. That top dragon piece is sooooo beautiful. And you did it in oils! Argh! I love you for kickin' my ass. ;) Seriously in all serious seriousness... these are mighty and you're mighty cool. :D:D:D

Scott Altmann said...

Clo- Thank you dear! Julien and I were just talking about you and your work ..good things of course:)
I would like to paint that last drawing eventually...but there are some other personal works that are piling up I want to tackle first.

Ryan- Thanks my friend! Working on any personal work at the moment?

Jess- Thanks! Your work has been evolving so great lately. Really exciting to watch.

mo- thanks so much man! Ill see you on twitter ;)

MuYoung- Thanks ! I sent ya a message, but yeah -its not always up to me what gets picked :)

Eric- Bring it Eric! Retaliate! No specifics at all when working with Doug at RoF. I was just fortunate enough that he was really open to my idea. Thanks again man - looking forward to seeing new stuff .

Chris!!!! - That is such great news. My son loves that cover too - I hope it strikes a chord with younger audiences. Actually this reminds me...I owe you a print ;)
Thank you for providing me with such great material to illustrate. My mother-in-law is reading Hanging Hill and loving it!

Chris - Thanks man . You've been inspiring me like crazy with your paintypower these days :)

Christine! Aww man -that means alot to me. I am really trying to get better all the time. You know the feeling - you get these tiny victories here and there, but you just feel so far from where you want to be. Hopefully by the time I am 50 I will be 1/3 there.
The dragon piece is partially oil, partially digital. I probably saved myself 2 days of refining/glazing and detail work by finishing up digital. I do want to back into the painting and polish it up for myself...and to sell it :) $;) $:)

Jeffrey Lai said...

wow look at all this work O_o
and it is beau-T-ful.
love the lighting on that dragon!

Jon McCoy said...

Mate...the Dragon is just an incredible piece! The stars in the wings are killing me.
Well done man

Julien alday said...

Hurray for updates, yay ! ^^
It is an impressive bunch of pictures my friend. I can't pick a favourite, really ! ^^
That said, the last one with the butterflies is awesome !!! Do you plane to push it further ? Or make other pictures with that thematic ?
I would love that !

T D Edge said...

Scott - it's a stunning painting. You've really captured the essence of my story with a perfect balance of Gertie's strong spirit and the dragon's spiritual mystery. Beautiful. I'm very moved by it. Thank you so much.

Terry Edge

Caroliu said...

awesome! i love the zombie works!

gaurav said...

great shapes good forms i jst loved seeing u r wrk.. I am also a concept artist(new to the feild if u could jst review my blog it would be of great help to me, the link would be.


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Dan said...

Wow ! That's unbelievable, I love your illustrations so much. You have a great style ! And the atmosphere is really cool !