Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wow- sorry for the delayed posts. Trying to get a bunch of deadlines done before the holidays, which unfortunately I can't show just yet. So for now, I'll just post some thing lying around and catch up the last few weeks.

The first thing I wanted to mention was how amazing lluXcon2 was. And yes...if you click on that link you will see IlluXcon 3 is already in the works. If you would like to attend, think about it now, because tickets are very limited. It was designed to be kept intimate and small, and they are sticking by that.
The Wilshires (responsible for IlluXcon) have also released a very cool book called Visions of Never
It covers art from very awesome, but slightly under the radar artists like Rohb Ruppel , Marc Fishman and Mark Zug (among others) . I think I've seen it at really good prices too, so check it out if you are into that sorta thing.

I'll include some photos of my booth at IlluXcon. Not to show off my scruffy mug, but some of you might be interested in seeing how some of my originals look.

I grabbed these off various forums. websites, so thanks to those who took these pics!

And although I look sad, I was just sketching and practicing my inks. Those inks are hard!! Here's one of the more successful ones that day:

Lastly, I stumbled across this image on my older HD the other day and thought it might be fun to share:

I guess you can say this is a variant version I did for myself while I did this card art for Magic: The Gathering / WoTC a few years ago. The image I did for them was this
I think I was just messing around at the time and made a version without all the flames. It's a little rough and unfinished, but it may be worth a gander.

Last bit -some of you have inquired about prints and such. Well there is good news. I am in the discussion phase of getting a webstore! No seriously- -I really am . It's only been 5 years of procrastination but I think it is safe to say in 2010 I will finally have a place where prints and art will be easy to purchase. If there are any suggestions of what you would like to see, I'd love to hear them. That goes for any images you would like to see available as prints too.


Jon McCoy said...

Awesome Scott!
You should show off your scruffy mug all the time XD

Well done mate

Scott Daly said...

Timely post Scott ;). I'm stoked to check out this web store of yours, let me know how it goes because eventually I'm going to try to open up my own. You'll probably be hearing from me in the coming weeks.

NQ said...

Nice mug Scott! Cool to see your work full size - very impressive!

Jeffrey Lai said...

always nice to see the artist behind the art!
been reading about illuxcon on other blogs too!
it looks like an amazing event! and all the art to drool over!
DARN being in New Zealand.

Scott Altmann said...

Jon- haha- thanks my friend:) I like to keep this monstrous face hidden as much as possible. ;)

Scott - Hey man! It will be a bit before it's up and running but yeah ..of course feel free to contact me any time with any questions. I'll do my best :)

Nigel - Thanks amigo ..I do like working big..and I wish I had the time and space to work even bigger. I plan to rectify that soon though!

Jeffrey - Yeah is a really great event. As you probably know..just being an artist and working alone so much of the time it is really great to get out and talk to other artists. It's pretty inspiring!

Eric Braddock said...

SO wish I could've made it there this year. I'll have to make sure I get out there next time ;)

Your spot looks great, man! Even though in both pictures you look bored/preoccupied.. hehe.

hope all is going well lately, haven't talked to you in a while. The HD image is awesome, I dig both versions, the one you have without the flames is kind of nice in its own right, I enjoy the subtle glow of the red on the tip of his tail. Very awesome indeed.

jabraniho said...

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the photo !
looks like your sleeping =)
beautiful paintings!


jake gumbleton said...

Hey scot,
cakeypigdog from GA here. Thought i would start following some of my fellow apes on their blogs. Wonderful stuff on here mate.

Ryan Yee said...

Hey Scott- really awesome alternate Magic card :) Good luck with the web store and your projects. Have a good holiday and new years... 2010!

Scott Altmann said...

Hey Eric- Great to hear from you! Thanks for stopping in as always are a good man :) Have a great holiday and we'll catch up soon, eh?

Jung- Haha- man, even in high school teachers thought I was sleeping when I wasn't ...and thought I was awake when I was sleeping :) I just have small dark eyes with long eyelashes. It's actually hard to find pictures of me where my eyes look open! Have an awesome holiday, and I'll be looking for new blog posts from you!

Jake!! Thanks so much for stopping by man. Now I see YOU have a blog. Gonna go on over right now :)

Ryan -Thanks my friend. I see you are joining us on GA ? I am glad...Have a great holiday as well and we'll catch up soon !

Tiffany prothero said...

Scottty! your booth looks so fancy, and I see your sitting next to Marc I went to school with him, Ha! such a small world.:) Good to see you doing so well pooper, wish I could have been there. Have a Merry Christmas! :D

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Rich Pellegrino said...

dude the inks look awesome. now let's see a nice finished drawing with all that drybrushing in there! ha ha. loveing the new stuffs mate. the sketch you just posted makes me sick with envy. i wish my sketches looked that good.

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