Sunday, May 17, 2009

5.17.09 - Flora Fyrdraaca Cover Art

Got the go ahead to post this cover i did recently for the Science Fiction Book Club. This one was a really fun job. I got to indulge in some offbeat colors, play with tentacles and the art director , Matthew Kalamidas was fantastic to work with.

The art is for the story , Flora Fyrdraaca by Ysabeau Wilce.
I also attached the jacket design Matthew did, just because I thought it was so perfect for the look and feel of the story. Good jacket design must be really tough to do, because I see more poorly designed covers than good ones.

It started off as oils and then I worked on top digitally. It's my new thing :)
Thanks again for stopping in.


Tom Jones said...

Great Image. The tentacles pulled me all over the page as if they were really moving!

Definitely a book I'd pick up if this was on the cover :)

Chris Boyd said...

Awesome work! I'd buy a print of that and frame it. Beautiful!

s.prescott said...

Damn, Altmann - nice colors.

Julien alday said...

Scott, mon ami ! ^^
That's such a treat to see you posting so much these days. Worth the wait ! The mood of that last one is so great.

Thanks for share the roughs as well ! ^^


joverine said...

wow really nice
i especially like the version with jacket design.
something about putting text over images that make them look can't find the words-but they just look cooler imo :)

Eric Braddock said...

God damn, Scott! Dude this piece is a new favorite and I am loving those sketches too, I really like the sketch on the right, 2nd row. Fantastic job, it's an awesome jacket.

I would love to see how far you took this in oils before moving it to digital. Any chance you could send me a jpeg of that? It's something I've been considering trying out and it'd be awesome to see how great your process is working out. :)

Scott Altmann said...

Tom- thanks so much. I've done my job then! That's the goal - just getting the person to pick up that book. I appreciate it!

Steve- thanks man...I love using very pinky, earthy palettes but usually clients shy away from them. I was really glad Matthew (the AD) was for it.

Julien -thanks my friend! I am trying to share more ...just because I really feel the old work is...old. Hope all is well!

Joe- thanks sir. Yeah I agree- I love seeing images all texted out long as it's done well!

Eric- thanks so much. I am gonna send you an email later tonight. Just trying to wrap up some other sketches for clients today. We'll talk soon my friend :)

C.R.MacTernan said...

Whoa whoa whoa...I wasn't ready. Brace me next time you do that...!

Scott. Really? In the immortal words of Napoleon Dynamite...You have flippin' sweet skills.

Phenomenal. It drew me right in. And what's up with that sketch with the girl in front of the houses???? That stands up on it's own as is!! I love that one. Seriously. I can has? Will trade!!!

Scott Altmann said...

Hha- you funny lady. Actually it's a digital sketch. Even if I plan on doing an illustration in oils, I usually do most of my sketches for the art directors digitally.
If you want I could make a print for you - - or we can just make a trade of some real drawings, eh? :)

Ben Newman said...

that's beautiful.
love the palette!

Daniel said...

awesome :) Love the compositions you come up with, good sir scott !

José said...

Hi Scott,

You possess a really good draughtsmanship.
When reading "it's my new thing" when mentioning digital over oil a funny thought occurred : well, that's because you wouldn't use oil paint on your monitor's screen :-)

Best regards,


Patrick j Jones said...

This is one of my favorites or yours Scott. You're on fire here!

Best wishes,