Wednesday, May 07, 2008

5.8.08 *sweet & sour and stuff in the middle*

Going to keep this short on words and just post random things done in between jobs.  There's plenty lying around, but these were already scanned in.  

Felt like doing some horrible creature. :)

Some cutesy monsters. Just a black Sharpie marker over some Col-Erase Rose pencil.

This is just a doodle page done in my sketchbook while in my hotel during the New York Comic Con. I need to draw more ladies- I miss drawing the hotties

About a month ago my son was sick with a nasty cold. It was the only thing that could keep him still for more than a few seconds...and even that really didn't stop him. I was able to sneak in a drawing or two while he was sleeping and just waking up. Ballpoint pen on paper.


Rob Rey said...

you've got a blog too?! That's another one I have to keep track of.
But I don't mind.

Really wonderful stuff here Scott. Great sketches, great everything. Great to meet you at comicon too.


Rich Pellegrino said...

um...awesome anyone? yep...these kick ass Altmann. I expect no less.

We have to do a sketch trade or something man. I love this stuff. Cool sketches of your little one.

Eric Braddock said...

Awesome sketches man, i'm a fan of the horrible creature sketch, keep it up

Mike Dutton said...

You busy busy man. Love all the work you've been doing lately, both personal and professional-wise. When're you gonna migrate the family to California so I can absorb some of that powah?

Ken said...

sweet sketches. And I love your paints

Alina Chau said...

Great pages of drawings!

Richtoon said...

fantastico!! Great creatures!!! Post more please!


I love your style !
Really NiCe drawings.

Anonymous said...