Monday, February 04, 2008

2.4.08-some things

You may have noticed I added a link to the blog for Gorilla Artfare. I can explain briefly what it is about, but I do encourage you to go there, and not because I am part of it. The group started well over a year ago, of like-minded artists all over the world. We are shocked on how well it is being received, and are very grateful for all those who visit.

Although I will probably post much of the same art in both blogs, it will not replace this one. Here, I will be able to be personable, and go into a little bit more detail of things going on. So this blog lives on.

In other news the Deep Pop show which I mentioned in a previous blog got a nice little pictorial on Juxtapoz's website > here!
I couldn't attend the opening, so my painting had to take its picture solo. It looks kinda sad that way...I like it.

This sketch is for a possible personal work tentatively titled, "dripping boy". I'm not sure this will make it to a full sized, fleshed out oil painting. I am still considering it, and more studies may come. Nothing fancy here -just acrylic in the sketchbook.

Just a quick sketch I did on the train in January. Limited time and a nauseating shaky train prevented me from going far with this sketch, but I like how it is just some facial features peaking out of this border of hair.
Thanks again for stopping by - I'll be back soon!