Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This past Saturday (June 16th) I was asked to participate in a local plein-air event in Northport, NY. I cannot remember the last time I did some plein-air painting, but I had alot of fun and wish I had more time to do things like this. I think it would be good to take the knowledge and information gained during observational study like plein-air painting, and use it to breathe more life into my studio work.
It took somwhere between 3 1/2 - 4 hours. 11" x 14" , oil on linen


Francis Vallejo said...

thanks for the comments on the blog!! I really respect that you do work in traditional mediums and think that the digital can be a tool to enhance that, like you did on that goblin head below. I hope to see you use that technique more because that came out amazing!!! Cheers.

the Incredible Andy said...

That's actually some great on-site paint! I'm quite impressed, and little jealous. I also gotta get me one of those easels! My black aluminum one is fine for caricature gigs, but I wanna feel like a man when I paint!

Okay, enough of that. Good stuff, and probably see you at SDCC.

Ana Banana said...

Beautiful! Very sensitive, if I dare say so! light and colors...exquisite!

Tom Kidd said...

We've been having some great weather out here in the Northeast for plein air. Great job. Your painting seems so much more peaceful and inviting than the shot you took.

Did you shoot this on the ground holding the camera by hand right there on-site? It seems like it was taken off the easel, popped into a frame, photographed and sent off for sale.

I've got this new idea of doing plein-ish air drawings and paintings. It's probably been done before but I though of it independently. I hope it'll be a learning tool.

Anonymous said...

Nice job and it does seem like you brought the frame to the site when you painted. Ha Ha. You always should have done landscapes instead of weird creepy umbrella monsters. It fits you personality.

Scott Altmann said...

Francis- Thanks bud. Yeah - Lately I have been really interested in the mix of digital and traditional media. For illustration, where the image is meant for reproduction-I think the potential is tremdendous,

Andy- thanks bud. I bet you would rock out if you hit the traditional paints again. There's nothing in your work now that leads me to believe otherwise. See ya at SDCC!

ana- thank you very much! Too kind of you-really.

Tom- This idea sounds very interesing,,,? I am totally intrigued now!

You are right though- the paintings were meant to be hung for auction right off the easels, so I plopped the canvas into a frame, snapped a picture and off it went. The event had the unfortunate luck of being on Father's Day, so only 4 paintings sold. Truthfully I didn't care at all -it was just great to get out and paint.

anonymous - Thanks! I think there is definitely a side of me that could be a very traditional, formal painter- and there's nothing wrong with that at all. At the same time, I am quite the daydreamer/space cadet and like to lose myself in those different worlds as well.

Adam Ford said...

Fantastic Painting! I would love to do plein aire someday when I don't suck. I love it.

Julkillo said...

Really cool blog!!!A mazing pictures and sketches,a great work Mr Altmann.Congratulations