Monday, November 13, 2006

Some quick digital speedpaints to start off the week.
The first one is a quick little doodle just to loosen up- get the brain cooking.
Then I decided to have some fun and do a little homage/mockery of some hair styles. I know - that's my idea
of fun? Maybe I should start playing video games...?

This other doodle is just another speedpaint I did a few weeks back - nothing special. Just throwing it in here for kicks.
hugs*- sa


Anonymous said...

Heeeey Scott!

Looks like we've all got one of these bloggies goin' now. hehe. They may not get as much traffic as the ol' CA sketchbooks, but I like that people can visit these, view the art, read what we're up to, and then if they're interested enough, actually read all the comments.

Speaking of which, it's good to see what you're up to..... definitely avoid the video games... a career switch into hair design maybe, but no gaming!

I picked up my copy of Spectrum and man, I was so pumped when I saw your two pieces (and though he got a full page later on, I have to guess you must've been stoked to have the larger half of the page you and Coro shared. hehe).

Thanks for the compliments on my piece. I have a feeling it was my swan song for the comp, but I had a really great time making it and three new portfolio pieces is better than none. :)

Talk to you later Scott!

Mark Behm said...

Nice one. Now if we can all just keep things as loose in finished work as we do in warmups. Someday.

Mark Pernice said...

I like your robocop looking guy. Great colors. Art school wasn't a wasted experiment afterall. Buy Monster House. It was really good. Lots and lots of concept art in it that isnt on the web.

Lets draw a zombie family next. With a zombie grandma. They have ethics and read books with words on them. Also they spill coffee on their laps in morning traffic. The dad likes hammocks and watches "king of queens." But they still eat human flesh. They don't like sushi though.

marcobucci said...

Nice blog!! Great sketches. Love your digitals

S.D. said...

Especially like the armor of the first guy, but I always prefer heroic fantasy... Wonderful sketches :)

SIM-R said...

Cool blog . Really nice artwork . Especially like these speed paints .
Painter ? Love painter for it's brush stroke looks .

Scott Altmann said...

Mike- thanks man! Hopefully I will get into Spectrum 14 too. It's nice to see your work among all those top-notch dudes. You better enter this year bud- you will definitely get in! Talk later for sure :)

Mark Behm - too true. It is something I am really going to try and work on for my next few pieces. It's hard for me to stay nice and loose for an extended period of time. I can start off that way, but I always wind up tightening up towards the end. Gotta stop that crap.

mark pernice- robocop..haaahaa. Yeah - i think addie bought me that monster house book- can't wait to get my hands on it!

marco- thanks man! Your work is awesome as well!

s.d. - thank you sir! I'm a sucker for heroic fantasy too ....most of the time anyway :)

sim-r - thank you! Yep -Painter 9.5. I use PS a bit, but mostly all Painter at this point when I'm doing digital work anyway.

Anonymous said...

love these man! Definately got some mileage out of that head for those hair designs..haha. Sincerely stoked that you actually seen my blog, let alone commented. keep in contact, ill be checking back here regularly.