Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'll make this my first official post. I had a livejournal for a short while, but I'm making the transition to Blogger just because it seems more streamlined and contained. Please bare with me while I get used to the new format.
I plan on posting plenty of sketches, works in progress, photos, the occasional tutorial and other goodies in here.

Here are some recent sketches I did to fill this empty blog up a bit :

Just having fun here and letting my subconscious take over a bit.

My son, Dylan, just turned 2. I did this drawing about 2 weeks ago from a photo I took.
From my senior year of college to about 2 years after graduation I only drew on toned paper. After not touching white paper for 3 years, it was a little difficult getting back into the swing of things. Recently I was feeling the itch to draw on toned paper again, so I was really glad when I stumbled upon this little sketchbook.

Just a little friendly looking dragon sketch :)

thanks for looking!


robin said...

That's one sexy dragon! Rawr!

Cody said...

Digging that first paint sketch man. I'll be around to spread my stinky love here, keep me entertained goddamnit.

Scott Altmann said...

Thanks Robin! I can set you guys up if you like ;)

Cody - Thanks man! Spread the stink as much as you like - I will welcome it with open nostrils.

bk said...

One thing I always look for in a portrait is if I get a sense someone is looking back at me ... a hint that there's a bit of life beyond the recording of features ... it's surprising how many academically solid portaits lack life ... but this image of your son carries that quality. Wonderful drawing, Scott.

&Rew said...

oooh. these are really cool. i like the friendly dragon guy lots.


S.D. said...

A little dragon, that's great! :)
I'm very impatient to see more of your art. All drawings showing on your blog are a success. I love your lines a lot :)

Anonymous said...
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